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WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL EVERYONE! We have missed you so much!

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Staff List

Leadership Team


Mrs Helen Webb

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Gina Harrison

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Mrs Caroline Ainsworth


Teaching Staff


Mrs Caroline Ainsworth

Year One

Mrs Tracy Garrity

Year Two

Mr Seamus Bradford

Year Three

Mr Alex Paynter

Year Four

Miss Natasha Walker

Year Five

Mrs Laura Price

Year Six

Mrs Gina Harrison 

Teacher cover for Planning, Preparation and Assessment Time

Miss Rachel Wood, Mrs Becky Leach and Mrs Jess Davies


Teaching Assistants












Mrs Nicole Newby

Mrs Denise Dunk

Mrs Sarah Ryan

Mrs Sarah Phillips

Miss Victoria Lancett

Mrs Sally Masefield

Mrs Julie Jennings

Miss Katherine Buckle

Mr Arthur Lockyear

Mrs Natalie Edwards

Mrs Cath Luce

Mrs Ann Leeming

Miss Lauren Dean



Mrs Babs Oliver

Miss Gill Hambling

Finance Officer

Mr Norman Moon

Earlybirds/Nightingales Miss Rachel Kane, Mr Arthur Lockyear, Mrs C Luce, Miss K Buckle, Mrs Sarah Ryan

Lunchtime Supervisors

Caretaking and cleaning

Mrs Audrey Smith

Mrs Nicole Newby

Mrs Sarah Phillips

Mrs Sally Masefield

Miss Victoria Lancett

Mrs Margaret Hamlett

Mrs Pam Ince

Miss Anne Walters

Mrs Angela Preece


“Loving and Learning”