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WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL EVERYONE! We have missed you so much!

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2018/19: Spring Two Documents (15.02.2019)

Please find below the Year 5 grammar, arithmetic and maths skills homework documents for Spring Two.

The homework deadline is Friday April 12th.
2018/19: Spring One Documents (21.12.2018)

Please find below the homework for literacy and maths as well as weekly spellings for Spring One 2019.
2017/18: Spring Two Documents (18.02.2018)

As we leave behind our journey around the magnificent mountains of the world, we become architects, designers and builders in our own right. Our new topic for this half term is a D.T based one - Marbellous Structures.

The children will explore designs of buildings and structures in the world around them. Considering what makes a good structure? What purposes do different buildings serve? How are modern buildings environmentally friendly and 21st century clever?

Let's get building, Red Kites!

2017/18: Spring Two Documents (Marbellous Structures) 18.02.2018

Homework Change (19.01.2018)

This afternoon, the children will have left school with their Maths and Literacy homework for the whole half term. This is a slight change to weekly homework. The children know that the homework needs to be handed in by the end of this half term - which roughly equates to 1 or 2 pieces completed a week.

2017/18: Spring One Documents -New Year, New Term, New School! (12.01.18)

We have well and truly settled into a beautiful brand-new school! We love it!

With the new environment comes a new topic. We leave the Shang Dynasty of anicent China behind and go on a world tour exploring the peaks of the world in Mighty Mountains.

See below for this half terms topic web! We certainly have a lot to look forward to! Let's get climbing, Year 5!

Spring One (Mighty Mountains) (12.01.18)


Maths Homework (03/03/17)

The Land of Neverbelieve

Our topic focus shifts to a book-topic based on Norman Messenger's  wonderful and creative 'The Land of Neverbelieve'. The children will combine a range of skills from artistic to literary based to understand this magical land!

Adventure awaits...

PS: Watch out for our letters to Sir David Attenborough!

Half Term 2 - The Land of Neverbelieve

The Mayans

To shake off the post-Christmas blues we head to Central America in order to bring the Maya back to life! Known for their huge cities, fascinating Gods and advanced mathematics and writing systems. We are in for an exciting half term!

Half Term 1 - The Mayans

Half Term 1 - Homework

“Loving and Learning”