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I’ve always been amazed by the impact that ‘being kind’ has on others. When I see the positive effect that sharing, taking turns, helping others, resolving arguments and respecting differences has, I smile inside and out! I am passionate that we should all know the ‘power of being kind’ (and in PSHE, that’s exactly the sort of thing that we explore!) On top of this, we learn all about how to manage the stresses and strains of everyday life and how to ‘be mindful’ and look after our ‘physical and mental’ wellbeing. Most importantly, we learn how to understand and manage our emotions and to know our ‘worth’ – we learn to appreciate that ‘everyone is different and special!’

I love teaching PSHE as we get to find out all about our community, our wider world and how we fit into it. I especially like it when children get enthusiastic about making a positive change for the future of our planet and understand the impact that we can have. PSHE helps us to discover all the things that each and every one of us can achieve! Most of all, I get a buzz from watching everyone grow and change and realise their true potential.

Miss Wood

“Loving and Learning”