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WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL EVERYONE! We have missed you so much!

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Our Vision, Values and Ethos

“Loving and Learning”


Our Vision

To be a place of great love and great learning, built on Christian values, where everyone thrives on encouragement, support and challenge.

We aim to be a vibrant and loving school where expectations are high and where effort and excellence are celebrated. Individuality, creativity and independence are fostered and everyone learns in a happy, safe and supportive environment.

Our school is dedicated to continually improving the quality of the educational provision for all of our pupils, so that they may achieve their full potential and leave this school prepared for the demands of society in their future.

Our vision is to achieve excellence through high quality education for all pupils regardless of background, and equip them with lifelong skills which support their holistic development.

Our aims, values and ethos

The ultimate aim for our school is that it will not only be a place of great learning, but a place of great love where each child is understood, encouraged and motivated to develop lifelong learning skills in preparation for the future.


We have three overarching Christian Values which encapsulate the ethos of our school. 

These are:

*Faith*   *Hope*  *Love*



We also have six School Values that underpin our daily life, curriculum and help to shape our learning and teaching:


* Respect * Aspiration * Resilience * Responsibility * Community * Compassion *



We have a clear set of aims which form the foundation of our work.


  • To provide love, support and encouragement in an environment where children feel safe and thrive.

  • To provide a broad, balanced, high quality curriculum to every child, in a vibrant and inspiring environment that they can enjoy.

  • To prepare every child for the future to enable them to become responsible and caring members of society.

  • To enable all pupils to achieve their full potential through high quality, effective teaching.




“Loving and Learning”