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I love all things performing!  When you’re in school, you will usually hear me singing loudly and I love joining in with the actions when we sing in assembly.  I also enjoy playing guitar with my class.

I love music because it allows people to express who they are in lots of different ways.  If you’re like me, then you enjoy singing your heart out.  However, music can express other emotions through different instruments.  Whether a soft, trembling flute or loud, crashing drums; there’s an instrument and style of music for everyone.  Music also tells the stories of people and cultures from around the world. 

Mr Bradford

At Colwall, in addition to the National Curriculum, we have three main aims for all children in this subject. These aims have been identified by the teaching staff as the three things that we feel we should offer children to prepare them for life beyond Colwall. These aims are our ‘intent’, the ‘implementation’ is how we aim to cover these aims and the ‘impact’ are key questions that we hope will demonstrate how the children have met the intention.

We have designed the Curriculum Learning Journey that the children will take during their time at Colwall. This shows you the content, knowledge and skills offered to each child in each school year. Over their time at Colwall, children will explore a range of learning opportunities in addition to those identified on here.

“Loving and Learning”