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January 2017

26th January 2017
We have had a cracking week of weather this week in terms of being dry which is excellent for carrying out groundworks. As you can see from the photographs we have been busy excavating and pouring concrete foundations for the steel frame and masonry to sit on. One of the photographs shows a “Holding Down Bolt” cluster which is very carefully positioned in the concrete by the setting out engineer to correspond with each steel column location, this anchors the steel frame to the foundations. Each bolt has a conical shaped void formed in the concrete around it so the bolt can be nudged into the correct position.
You may have spotted that the rather large sub-soil mound is reducing in size helped by the dry condition we are experiencing, last weeks rain delayed moving any soils off the site. Our more permanent site accommodation is currently being set up and we are looking to develop a viewing gallery over the next week.
We are expecting the steel frame to be delivered and commence erection on the 6th February.
19 January 2017
We Have continued this week to stone up the construction mat over the building footprint and intend to commence foundation excavation and pouring tomorrow. Forming of foundations will continue over the next two weeks with the floating in and careful positioning of the “holding down bolts” to anchor the steel frame structure. If drier conditions arrive soon we will continue with soft scaping of sub/top soils in the playing field area.

12th January 2017

We have nearly completed the reduced dig to the building footprint, followed closely by laying a hard-core running surface over the top and will start to excavate foundations next week. We have started to build up the levels of the MUGA with excavated material as the MUGA is slightly elevated above the grass playing field. The carpark permeable stone has been temporarily covered in sacrificial tarmac which will help us keep the site and more importantly the Mill Lane road clean. A new access has started to be formed to the Farmers field further down the lane.

9th January 2017

Lucy I in Year 5 has been busy recording the progress on the new school!

Thank you for this fantastic piece of work - what a star!

6th January 2017

Update form Project Manager Justin

We returned to work on the 3rd January and have continued with stripping topsoil to the site which will continue for another week. We have started to form the new entrance, access road and car parking spaces by laying the permeable aggregates in readiness for a temporary tarmac surface next week. We will start to reduced dig and lay a hard core apron to the building footprint next week with excavation of the foundations following quickly afterwards.

Most of the tarmac surfacing and surface water drainage has been designed in such a way as to slow down the journey of rain water to watercourses as much as possible to help avoid flooding in neighbouring downstream watercourses.

“Loving and Learning”