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Golden Eagle - Our Learning Journey 2018-19

Happy Valentine’s Day Year 6! - Loving & Learning

Viking Longships - D&T Project (06/12/18)

Circus Skills

Building rock towers

Gorge Walking (the initial jump!) #verycold! :)

Tuesday 23rd October:


After our first night sleep away we are all up and ready to face the day! It is a crisp morning but the sun is already starting to break through the morning mist. 

Today we are off Gorge walking and rock climbing. Going to be an action packed day... Let's hope the water isn't too cold!!  

A lovely waterfall walk today!

Welcome to Golden Eagle Class

2018 - 2019

Call of the Wild..... Day One!!


After a safe journey to Merlins, we embarked on our first activity - a hill walk! It was a steep climb at times and even the hills and persistent drizzle couldn't dampen our spirits.

We have also measured up for our wetsuits and enjoyed a problem solving activity before settling down to hot chocolate, biscuits and football (or twister/jenga!). 


We are all now snuggling down into our sleeping bags to prepare for a very busy Tuesday. On the agenda tomorrow, Caving and Waterfall Walk before Orienteering tomorrow night. All happy and smiley, and rather chatty!!!!!!!  smiley


Good night from the Golden Eagles!! 

Silk Painting - Wednesday 18th October

Sock Monkeys - September - October 2017

We have had a very good start to the school year, choosing our new Directors and Sports Crew.

Our Directors this term are:






Well done!



Thank you for sending in your spare socks. Our sock monkeys are on the way....!


Watch this space!


Welcome to Golden Eagle Class

2016 - 2017


Thursday 8th June - Wet and Wild!


We woke up this morning to see some more rain! Just in time for 'Wet and Wild!'

Having squeezed into our wetsuits again, we headed off towards the canal. Here we enjoyed paddling, splashing and rowing in our canoes, kayaks and on our raft.


The first attempt of a raft, was rather unsuccessful! The ropes and planks very quickly came apart, leaving the team with no option but to abandon ship! The canoeing team enjoyed standing in their boats and paddling along the canal. There were lots of giggles on the way including when Stiliyan, Miles, Aaron, Thomas sank their canoe and when Miss Buckle steered Miss Bentham into the thick hedge so she was no longer visible!!!!!


As the day progressed, we all moved around our activities and tried the next challenge in the Wet and Wild adventure. Today's superstars are: Aaron for being a confident raft builder and canoe captain, Kieran for being helpful and enthusiastic and Jake for being a great splasher when other teams were nearby!!


Now we have been to the shop and are busy starting our packing. Must go, dinner is almost ready and then... DISCO!


Love from the Golden Eagles xx


Day Three - Caving and Gorge Walking

Wednesday 7th June - Caving and Gorge Walking


Today we explored the caves and squeezed through some very small spaces. It was amazing in the cave, the condensation on the roof sparkled and glistened in the light of our headlamps.

We all were brave and crawled through the 'Letterbox' (a famous hole in the cave) and there are some great photos of us. We even enjoyed sliding down into the 'toilet'! The water inside the cave was VERY cold and it all went inside our wellies!


After lunch, we put our wetsuits on and headed to the river. We had a fabulous time scrambling up the waterfalls and smiled from ear to ear after jumping off the cliff!

Today's massive 'well done' goes to: Thomas for volunteering to go first in the cave, Kyle and Miles for 'posting' everyone through the letterbox and Harvey for doing everything and enjoying every minute!


Lots of happy faces today, let's hope we sleep well!

Love from the Golden Eagles. xx

Day Two - Rock climbing and Waterfall Walk

Tuesday 6th June


Well, the sun finally made an appearance today! We have had a full range of experiences so far... rain, cloud, wind, sun and even a hail storm! But that wasn't going to stop us having fun.


Today we went to Dinas Rock to have a go at climbing. We all tried our best and pushed our confidence levels to be very proud of ourselves. The support we gave each other to help keep them safe and help them find good places to put their feet was fantastic. Super acknowledgements go to all of the girls who made it to the top of all three climbs, Ewan and Archie for being speedy scramblers and Stiliyan for climbing all three ropes to a great height.


After an enjoyable lunch, we went to do our waterfall walk. There were some fantastic views of the river and waterfalls and we enjoyed stepping over the stones without getting wet (well almost!).


We are now having a shower and rest before tea - chicken curry and rice tonight. Oh... and then jelly and ice-cream! We are all having a fantastic time, no tears today and plenty of smiles!


Will report again soon!

Golden Eagles     x

Call of the Wild - Day One A very wet and windy walk!

Art: William Grill Visit (07/03/2017)

Watch out Cadburys........!!!


This week, Golden Eagle class have turned our classroom into a chocolate factory! Having spent a day on Wednesday at Cadbury World to conduct market research, we decided to have our own attempt at gaining control of the confectionary market.

We have designed our own chocolate bar, created a wrapper, published an advert before getting gooey and building our own chocolate delight.

Here are a few photos from our mini project.

Welcome to Golden Eagle Class

2015 - 2016

Hollywood Here We Come!

This year we are entering the Herefordshire 'Ten Pieces' Film making event. This will mean that we can use animation, green screen and a range of filming techniques to create our own blockbuster based on one of the ten pieces of classical music that we are all expected to have heard before leaving Primary School.

Three of us have been chosen to be Film Ambassadors in this project and we will keep you updated about our movie on our class page.

We are very excited to see our film on the 'big screen' in the Odeon in the summer.


Our new topic is called 'Fall of the Empire' where we will be learning about the Aztecs and how they became defeated by the Spanish. We will also touch on the Mayans and Incas in our tour around Mexico.


Welcome to a new year with Golden Eagle Class!

We hope that you have had a lovely Christmas break and are looking forward to catching up with our amazing class over the next two terms. This week we announced our new Head Boy and Head Girl! Well done to Jonnie and Sakura for being chosen to represent our school in such a fabulous way. They will be assisted by our 8 prefects, who are all getting ready for a busy few weeks. 


We also welcome Miss M into our class this term to help us with our learning. She will be working closely with Miss Bentham, Mrs Stratton and Miss Wood to ensure that we get the best learning opportunities.


With so much fun (and of course learning!) to be had this term, we are sure that you will want to follow our adventures on here. See you soon!

Thursday 18th June - 7.59am


We had a lovely day yesterday despite the weather being a little colder and there being quite a thick sea mist first thing. Team C went to the beach to enjoy scrambling and rock pooling (couldn’t go bodyboarding as the sea had a red flag so hoping to do that on Friday). Teams D and E went rock climbing. Some of us pushed ourselves and got half way up but most of us went to the top and back down again about 6 times each!


We slept OK too, had a nice DVD before bed and no issues at all during the night. Bliss!


Today there are beautiful blue skies so we have been told to put lots of suncream on. Teams D and E are off to the caves and Team C are going climbing on the cliff by the beach. It is sausage sandwiches for breakfast…see you soon!

Wednesday's activities

Wednesday 17th June - 8.04am

Wow! What a fantastic night of sleep we have just had. We had a fun day yesterday with two groups on the beach scrambling across a cliff face and bodyboarding whilst the other group went in the cave. We finished the day with a lovely long walk to the ruins of a castle and the views from there were amazing!

Once we had returned to Kilvrough, we were treated to a hot chocolate before bed. It must have had a magical potion in it, as we slept right through until half 7! Off to breakfast now…I can smell the croissants from here….!

Scrambling and Bobyboarding

Tuesday 16th June - 7.42am

Well we have all woken up to a slightly cloudy but relatively warm morning. We had a very enjoyable day yesterday, the activities we did were: coach journey, picnic lunch, unpacking, tour of the buildings, problem solving activities, low ropes course, free time, tea (Sausages and Chips or Fish and Chips) and then an orienteering task before heading upstairs to bed.

We were all snuggled up by about 10, and all quiet from about half 11! Miss Bentham thinks that we will get quieter quicker today as we have a busy day planned. Some of us are heading to the cave and a waterfall walk whilst the rest are going to go and try to 'catch some waves' on the beach!!

We will try to keep this updated for you - but the internet speed isn't very good here and the hamster keeps fainting in the wheel trying to upload all our photos! We still have all of your children here and safe, so please don't worry if it takes a while for your child's group to upload! for breakfast!! Yum Yum!

Miss Bentham

Welcome to Eagles Class!


Here in Eagles we're learning about loads of interesting things! We love to explore the curriculum. This year we have done:

  • Word Types, descriptive writing, news paper reports, figurative writing and lots of grammar in English
  • Fractions, addition, subtraction and much more in Maths
  • In science we've done blood, circulation, lungs (respiratory system) heart and micro-organisms
  • In topic we've learnt about Vikings and natural disasters
  • Weekly we do spelling and froggy maths (mental maths) tests

Our Viking Longhouses!

“Loving and Learning”