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Gallery 2018-2019


Such a wonderful experience!

Massive THANK YOU to Mrs Leach for preparing us for and organising such a wonderful trip to the Genting Arena for Young Voices 2019.

38 children, Mrs Leach, Mrs Webb, Mr Fletcher and Mr Webb had a fabulous time and were delighted that so many Parents and families were able to join them.

There were some fabulous acts including Beau Dermott (Britain's Got Talent) and Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet) - Mrs Webb very much enjoyed meeting him! smiley

A fantastic experience that the children will remember for a very long time.

Fun at the Christmas Fayre!

Thank you to The Friends for organising such a fabulous first Christmas Fayre in our new school!

We sang Christmas songs on the playground and saw two mischievous snowmen running around our school field before Santa and his Elf arrived in style in a shiny red Jaguar E-type!

The Fayre was a jam packed with people and lots of lovely things to enjoy. A great way to start Christmas!

Our fabulous Christmas Plays!

Well done to Wrens on their fabulous Born in Bethlehem nativity play. Year One and Two performed Christmas with the Aliens and they all wowed us with their superb confidence and obvious enjoyment.

The plays were enjoyed by many and we raised over £200 for Birmingham Children's Hospital and School Funds.

Thank you everyone!

On the train with Santa!


Wrens and Year Two had a very exciting train journey on the Severn Valley Railway. It was wonderful to see the pure joy on the children's faces - especially when the big man himself arrived and brought some very lovely presents! As is often the case when we take the children out on trips, our behaviour and enthusiasm was commented on by staff on the train. Well done everyone - it was a very magical afternoon! Happy memories made!

Young Musician of the Year 2018

On Thursday 18th October we held our first ever Young Musician of the Year Competition.

Children in Key Stage Two rehearsed and performed in front of their year groups before 12 finalists were chosen.

Oh my goodness... what a fantastic evening! Our three judges had a VERY difficult job deciding before they announced the winners!

Well done to all children who took part but especially to

  • Rebecca and Amelia - Musical Theatre winners
  • Sam - Pop instrumental winner
  • Jessica - Pop Vocal winner
  • Niamh - Classical winner

Many congratulations to Ava who was the overall winner and proudly received her trophy before performing her own composition Jigsaw Puzzle again. A truly deserving winner!



The start of term has begun incredibly well for us with 174 children on roll.  We got off to a roaring start with our Happy's Circus event on Thursday 13th September. Thomas Trilby joined us for circus skills workshops where we learned the most amazing skills. Our Circus Show with Happy's Circus was a complete sell out with 625 people attending. It was the most incredible evening! On Friday we waved a sad farewell to Happy's Circus whilst doing a whole school celebratory  "Conga" around the field. We had a BIG WRITE and art morning, writing and painting our experiences before having a chilled afternoon watching the Greatest Showman.

Thank you to everyone who was involved on making this event such a fabulous success. We will all remember it for a very long time!


11TH JULY 2018

158 children and 30 adults travelled to Barry Island for the day - it was absolutely brilliant!

We had a talk from the Lifeguards who were on duty, visited the RNLI interactive visitor centre, ate chips, paddled in the sea, played on the beach and had a delicious ice lolly.

We celebrated Kiera's birthday in style, although the candles wouldn't stay alight!

It was so lovely to be together for the day to celebrate the end of our very eventful year!

As ever the children made us incredibly proud.

A massive thank you to the staff and volunteers who helped to make it such a memorable day!no



Before we moved to our new school we held a Tea Party for the residents of Colwall Green to thank them for being our neighbours for many years.

This week we invited our new neighbours from Mill Lane and Walwyn Road to say 'Hello'

It was lovely to meet them and School Council did a fabulous job of entertaining them. We also had a little piano concert to show off what talented children we have.

A great afternoon was had by all!


After incubating some eggs that Lucy (Y6) brought in, Mrs Newby had rather a shock when she went into Wrens Classroom on Monday morning!

All seven of the eggs that we incubated hatched and we have VERY much enjoyed becoming chick parents!

The children have been so keen to look after them and nurture them.

We have still not decided on names although Wren Class have some great ideas.

The chicks are now two weeks old and growing fast. They will be going off on their holidays and will return to us in September.

It was a truly wonderful learning experience for us all!




Thank you to The Friends for organising the Cake Café and for providing such wonderful prizes for the Egg Decorating Competition. It was a lovely way to end the term!



We had a fabulous fun filled day in school celebrating the launch of our Worcester Stands Tall project and Sport Relief.

We had a vote to decide on a name for our giraffe calf and are pleased to announce that he is called JJ!

We ran a mile for the first time in our new building and as always it was lovely to see the older children supporting the younger children in doing this.


Everyone looked supper in their sporting clothes with a giraffe twist.

Colwall does dressing up very well!  



Despite the weather we still managed to celebrate World Book Day in Style!

Well done to everyone - some brilliant and VERY creative costumes!



On Monday January 8th 2018 our new building on Mill Lane opened its doors for the very first time. We had a wonderful day and are looking forward to many, many more!


Friday 29th September 2017

A lovely way to end a busy week in school! Well done to everyone for taking part in the Multi-skills Challenge. Summer Hill have won the cup for the last three years so Pinnacle Hill were delighted to win by one point this year! Congratulations!

Thank you to Kye (Y5) for the great photos and video clips!no


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We said farewell to Year Six at the end of term with a lovely Service in St James' Church.

Good luck everyone - we will miss you! x



We had such a fabulous day at the beach with YR, 1 and 2. The weather was kind to us and we managed to complete a great quiz at the Sand Sculpture Exhibition, have a donkey ride, play on the beach and have an ice-cream before the rain came in at about 2 o'clock.

It was wonderful for the children to have such space and freedom to play in.They were an absolute joy to be with and it was a pleasure to see them having such fun.

There were a few glum faces when we boarded the coach for home (that was just the adults!) but many said it was their most awesome day ever!

The day was so successful due to the careful planning of the staff. We were very fortunate to be able to take so many adults with us - this undoubtedly helped to make it enjoyable, safe and relaxed for all.

Many thanks to staff:

Mrs Chippendale, Mrs Ainsworth, Mrs Rose, Mrs Newby, Mrs Phillips, Miss Buckle, Mrs Jennings, Mrs Masefield, Mrs Ryan and Mr Lockyear.

And to our fabulous volunteers:

Mrs Hague, Lisa, Miriam, Sue, Linda, Lesley and Megan.


Thank you also to The Friends who, very generously, paid for our entrance fee to the Sand Sculpture Exhibition, donkey ride and ice-cream. This was very much appreciated.


My face hurts from smiling today - another very proud headteacher moment!

Mrs Webb x

Science Week - March 2017


In celebration of British Science Week, on Thursday the whole school took part in a morning of exciting Science activities. Each class completed two investigations before sharing their findings with the rest of the school during assembly. We finished the morning by heading outside for an amazing display led by Mr Chopping (Kye, Tabitha and Quin's dad) which included an erupting volcano and some hands-on fun with some slime!! I was extremely impressed by the children’s creativity, logical predictions and fantastic team work. Read on to find out about our investigations and to see pictures of the day.



Balloon Rockets!

After making a balloon straw rocket fire across the classroom along a length of string, Blackbird Class and Barn Owl Class investigated how they could make the rocket travel even faster! Their creative approaches included setting their rocket off from a height, shortening the string, cutting the straw in half and attaching more than one balloon from their rocket. Barn Owl Class then spent time researching the science behind their findings and shared some very interesting facts about forces during our assembly.


What’s the fastest way to get a toy out of ice?

Goldfinch Class investigated the fastest way of getting a toy animal out of an ice block. They had some very creative ideas which included rubbing the ice with their hands, using a blanket, using a hairdryer and smashing the ice up with a hammer! They were delighted to discover that the hammer won!


Skittles Fun!

Wren Class, Goldfinch Class and Kingfisher Class had lots of fun making patterns by dropping water onto skittles. They then investigated the fastest way of removing the colour from the skittles. The children had lots of inventive ideas including soaking the skittles in flour or water then sucking up the colour with a pipette, pouring warm water onto the skittles or covering them with milk!


Making Rainbows!

Wren Class made some beautiful rainbows using arched kitchen roll to soak up primary colours. They were extremely patient whilst waiting for their kitchen roll to absorb the different colours and predicted what would happen when the colours reached the top of the arches. Well done to our youngest scientists!


Liquid Layers!

Blackbird Class and Red Kite Class investigated what happened when maple syrup and oil were added to coloured water. After some great predictions about what might happen including the syrup turning green, they were intrigued to find out that each liquid settled in layers due to their different densities. They then chose different objects to drop into their layers and found that some objects sat on top of the oil, some on top of the water and others on top of the syrup! We very impressed with their observations and they provided some fantastic scientific explanations.


Liquid Lava Lamps!

Barn Owl Class made some beautiful lava lamps using their knowledge of oil and water separation.The results were mesmerising!


A special mention must go to our wonderful children in Year 6 who spent the morning helping out with the experiments going on in other year group. Their scientific knowledge was very valuable to the younger children and they were extremely patient and helpful!


Miss Hughes


26th January 2017

Young Voices at the Genting Arena in Birmingham

We had an absolutely fabulous time and the concert in the evening was a truly memorable experience. 31 children from our Choir took part and very much enjoyed having front row seats! We had a brilliant view of all of the performers and especially enjoyed watching the percussionist who was directly in front of us.

We sang, danced, laughed and rocked our socks off!

The behaviour of the children was exceptional. It was a very long day but there were absolutely no issues - apart from a banana that hadn't travelled well!

Thank you to the many parents who made the journey to support us - it was very exciting to spot you in the audience. I love the pictures of the children with telescopes and binoculars!

Miss Hughes was the hero of the day as her superb organisation and attention to detail ensured that everything ran smoothly and the children were able to relax and enjoy the opportunity. Thank you to Nicole Newby and Wendy Walker for accompanying us.

From one very proud Head teacher - Mrs Webb smiley


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