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At Colwall, in addition to following the National Curriculum we also have decided on three main intentions for each subject. This helps us to ensure that our focus on each child’s development is also aimed at preparing them for life beyond Colwall.


Each class has a Maths lesson and an English lesson every morning. These core subjects are planned to ensure that children are able to be fully supported in their learning whilst also being open to challenges. The children also participate in 2 hours of Physical Education each week.

The other subjects are either linked into a half termly/termly Topic or taught discreetly either weekly or as a block. Subjects such as History and Geography drive our Topics, which have been carefully chosen to align with the National Curriculum and areas of interest for the children. Each topic has a creative title and an enquiry question to explore during the unit.


Mrs Gina Harrison is the Curriculum Lead at Colwall. She is responsible for setting out the expectations of the curriculum for teachers to plan and deliver in their classrooms. Each teacher is also a Subject Leader, where they have the responsibility for monitoring and setting out the vision for their subject. The Curriculum Lead works to support the Subject Leaders and to ensure consistent and effective leadership in each subject area.

Curriculum Statement and Rationale

“Loving and Learning”