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Colwall: A Church School

Colwall C of E Primary is proud to be a successful and inclusive school which, through our Christian values, builds on existing strengths and mutual respect to create a school that embodies its motto ‘Loving and Learning’ :


  • Achieving success for all pupils and expecting excellence in all aspects of school life.

  • Providing a broad and balanced curriculum with quality teaching and learning in a stimulating environment.

  • Where every child matters - where each child is valued and is aware of being valued.

  • Where each child will enjoy attending and in which children, parents and teachers can take a pride.

  • That is highly regarded within the community having developed positive links between staff and parents, both acknowledging the shared and vital role they have to play in the education of the children.

  • Where everyone is committed to the highest of standards for all, each child achieving their full potential.


    In order to realise our vision we recognise that Colwall C of E Primary School is a Christian community, which includes pupils, members of staff, parents, governors, St James Church Community and Colwall Community Church, local community and visitors to the school. All are important members of a partnership that requires full participation to create a warm and secure environment in which children can develop.

RE at Colwall C of E Primary School

RE and Collective Worship at Colwall C of E Primary School

Collective Worship helps to  provide a shared language of values to help build and sustain a close-knit cohesive school community. As a church school we believe that collective worship is far more than a statutory requirement. It is crucial to the spiritual life of our school and to our pupils’ moral and spiritual development. Collective worship is an important part of our distinctive ethos as a Church of England primary school.


Each day at Colwall C of E Primary School we engage in a collective act of worship based on our Christian Values of Faith, Hope and Love.  As a school we believe this is a crucial  part of our school’s routine. Every worship begins with us lighting three candles to represent the Holy Trinity of God. As we join together to light the candles we think of:


God the Father creator of our world,

God the Son who was sent to save us,

And God the Holy Spirit who lives in us always.


We actively encourage pupil participation and engagement in collective worship, pupils  from Year R to Year 6 are invited to play an active part in collective worship. We believe that this special time set aside in the school day for reflection provides everyone with the opportunity to gather and support one another as a community.


Throughout the year, our school and local community come together to celebrate important events in the Church’s calendar, such as Easter and Christmas, as well as the moving on of Year 6 to the next phase of their education. Through regular prayer and worship, the rhythm of the Church’s year has become an integral part of our school life and in turn the lives of our pupils.



A Photo Snapshot of Collective Worship at Colwall C of E Primary School

“Loving and Learning”