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Barn Owl - Our Learning Journey 2018-19





The children in Barn Owl class have already settled in very well and made a great start to the new school year. Our class teacher is Mrs Davies and we have two lovely teaching assistants to help us with our work; Mrs Edwards supports with our maths and English in the morning and Miss Buckle helps us in the afternoons.

Outdoor Cooking


Thank you to everyone who came and joined us for our outdoor cooking afternoon! We had a great time preparing the vegetables to go in our soup. Despite the sunshine disappearing, we had a good time practising using fire steels for fire lighting and adding sticks to the fire. As a result of all our hard work, we got to enjoy a yummy soup before the end of the day.

Planting Seeds


As a part of out topic (Our Natural World) we have been thinking about seasonality, when foods grow and are at their best for harvesting. We decided to plant some pea and radish seeds and now we will see how they grow!

New Topic - Our Natural World


Our new topic this half term is 'Our Natural World'. We will consider our impact on the environment and how we can help contribute to a sustainable future. We will be looking at change in weather and what the impact of global warming means for crops and food development. We will focus on healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle, considering how to eat well on a budget and considering the cost of food items when growing our own. 


We have started by discussing foods which can be grown locally and in different seasons. The children enjoyed identifying and tasting different herbs before researching how they are grown and recipes they can be used in. This will be inspiration when designing and growing our own edible gardens. We will then reap what we've sown by making delicious dishes with our home-ingredients in our outdoor kitchen.

Herb Tasting!

Spectacular Science Week!


This year our theme is journeys through time and space. On Tuesday, we had a cross-curricular science/geography focus with a visit from the bio-dome which was inspiring! Inside the planetarium, we were immersed in different environments all over the globe including the deepest depths of the ocean. We couldn't believe how much Earth has changed over time but were most shocked to find the biggest changes have happened in the last 50 years and caused by mankind because of advances in industry and technology. This led us to investigate climate change and the effects of global warming.


We started by creating our own planet Earths in a comparative science test. We used cling-film to act as a layer of greenhouses gases to trap in heat and found that doing this made ice melt quicker - this is exactly what is happening to our planet! Then by looking  at our eating habits, how we travel and technology usage we each calculated our carbon footprint - Eloise is the greenest member of Barn Owls as hers was so low! We considered the different ways we can reduce it and were surprised to learn that small changes to our daily lives can make a big difference. 

Wonderful World Book Day 2019

We have had a fantastic day in Barn Owl Class celebrating all things books! We came drerssed as a range of characters including: Harry Potter, Matilda, Fantastic Mr Fox, Where’s Wally and Mary Poppins!  Mrs Davies came as ‘Thing 2’ which linked to our lesson focus of ‘Lost Things’ based on the book by  Shaun Tan. We have each written our own stories with the book title ‘The Lost Thing’. We created attractive front covers and brilliant blurbs to persuade people to read our books. Mrs Davies and Mrs Edwards were very impressed by our creativity. We started the day off by sharing our favourite stories and finished the day with Mrs Davies reading one of hers—The Suitcase Kid by Jacqueline Wilson. We love story time in Barn Owls but today it was extra special as we got to enjoy it with a hot chocolate!



World Book Day

Super Swimming - March 2019


Barn Owls have thoroughly enjoyed their first few swimming lessons at The Elms. Mrs Davies was very impressed by the behaviour of all the children and their careful listening to instructions. This meant that they even had time for a quick game at the end of their lesson. Lily said, "The lessons are really fun" and Lucas says he has already learned lots of new techniques!

Make Some Noise!


Did you know that sound travels through air at 340 metres per second and is created by vibrations? We explored this by putting rice on a drum and hitting it. When there was a quiet sound, the rice hardly moved. When we created loud sounds the rice jumped about because of the larger vibrations.


We also had fun investigating if sound travels in water using tuning forks. We got very wet as the vibrations caused the water to splash everywhere. Turns out sound does travel through water…. We will have fun testing this out in our swimming lesson later on in the term!

Mad about Myths!


This term we have travelled back in time to learn what life was like as an Ancient Greek. We have learned lots from Greek myths, including speech and language we use today such as Achilles’ heel, Pandora’s Box and Phobia. Did you know that the word phobia comes from Phobos, the son of War God? He put people off in battle by giving them dread in their bellies and would make them freeze, trapped by fear.


Ever felt a shiver run up your spine? They say that Phobos created this feeling by running his cold fingers up enemies’ spines. So next time you see a spider or are stood on top of a tall building and you start to feel a tingle of fear run down your back, Phobos could be up to his old tricks again!


Perhaps it is not fear that has frozen you but an icy stare from Medusa, one of the three Gorgons. She had snakes for hair and in some myths she even has a snake tail! Here is what we think she would have looked like:

School Sound Survey


We started off our science 'Sound Topic' with a walk around the schol building. We were able to identify and record a wide range of sounds, from the ticking of the clock, pencils scratching, children singing and the chickens clucking. We know that sounds are made from vibrations and considered what was vbrating to make each sound. It was no surprise to us that the quietest place in school was the library but we were surprised the office was so noisy with the phones ringing, printers whirring and visitors chatting! We worked in groups to see who could record the most sounds which meant we had to be really, REALLY quiet! Ssshh!!!

How Clouds Are Formed


We have had great fun looking at the water cycle. In our science lessons, we have taken on the role of meterologists; learning how clouds form; different types of clouds and measuring the amount of rainfall. Here are some pictures of us creating a cloud in a jar:



Super Science - Who's Habitat?



We have lots of exciting work planned for Year 4 and can’t wait to get started! Our class teacher is Mrs Davies. Mrs Masefield will also be supporting us each morning with our Maths and English and Mrs Stratton will teach us on Tuesday afternoons. We have enjoyed getting to know the children so far and they have already settled in very well to the new school year.

World Book Day 2018

Barn Owl's Reading Challenge

This term, Barn Owls have been taking part in the ‘2017 Good Reads Reading Challenge’ with the aim to read 100 books as a class before the end of the year. At the start of this week, we managed to finally reach our target with an impressive 105 books read, including 4 class novels! As promised, we celebrated our reading achievements by coming to school in pyjamas and bringing in our favourite story books ready to share with the class. We had a lovely, relaxed morning reading together and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and cookies. Well done, Barn Owls!


Barn Owls Reads Over 100 Books!

Exploring Eastern Europe Topic Day - October 2017

On the last day of half term, Year 4 finished their Exploring Eastern Europe topic by doing just that – exploring all things Eastern European. Much to the children’s delight this included ‘visiting a country’ and writing all about their travels in our ‘Barn Owls Travel Blog’. The children then located the countries, seas and landmarks in Art by creating a giant map display. Finally we finished with a feast, making and sampling a variety of Eastern European delicacies, including kolache cookies, strudel and polish sweets – yummy! All of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and looked the part too, coming to school dressed as a country of their choice. Mrs Davies was very impressed by their efforts for their homework projects which she is proudly displaying in the classrooms. Thank you to all the parents for their support with this. Take a look at some of our photographs below to see all the fun we had!

Exploring Eastern Europe Topic Day

Amazing Art!

Wednesday 13th September 2017

Year Four running a mile and more.

Well done everyone!no

(Mrs Webb apologises for her poor video footage!cool)


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Exciting Electricity!


A very warm welcome to you all. This year, Class 4 will be taught be Mrs Davies and Miss Wood. Our Classroom assistant is Mrs Stratton. We hope your children are settling in well and are enjoying our exciting topics. 

April 2017 - Wonderful Water Day

April 2017 - Deforestation Letters to Companies!

March 2017 - Making a Difference!

February 2017 - Rotten Romans!

Exploring how sound is made and investigating how sound travels to our ears. (January 2017)

As part of our States of Matter Science topic, we investigated evaporation and condensation. We explored how quickly 'puddles' of water evaporated in different locations & expored how water vapour condensed onto a cold mirror.

2015 - 2016

Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Ainsworth are the job share teachers in Barn Owls.

Mrs. Kennedy teaches Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Ainsworth teaches on Thursdays and Fridays. 

Lifepath 2016

On Tuesday Class 4 travelled to Malvern to take part in the ‘Lifepath 2016’ celebrations held at the Priory. We joined children from other local schools and tried various activities such as brass rubbing, making stained windows and learning about the life of the Monks who used to live in the Priory. We had a great day!

Egyptian Day

Barn Owls Class put their Egyptian learning to the test just before half term. Having learned all about the mummification process we had a go at making our own canopic jars - to store the organs of the dead! The jars and lids, with model heads of the four sons of Horus on top, look fantastic. Having considered Egyptian transport, we set about making Egyptian boats. Though traditionally made from reeds, we went and collected long grasses to make the base of our boats, following the Egyptian boat making method.  Special thanks to Jackie Taylor (Martha’s mum) for researching and organising the boat building activity on the day.  Following a traditional Egyptian bread recipe, we all had a go at making rolls, adding in a couple of ingredients of our own choice to give them a personal twist! The afternoon began with a display of individual or group Egyptian dances, choreographed by the children, based on the arm positions adopted in a variety of Egyptian wall art. All the children were fantastic. Finally, we got our bread out of the oven and enjoyed an Egyptian feast.  According to several children in the class, “It was the best day ever!” Certainly a lot of fun was had by all!  Thanks again to all the adult helpers for making it such a successful event and to the children for their never ending enthusiasm.  

Design Technology
We had fun designing and building Shadufs.
Edible Pyramids
Our trip to Techniquest

On Tuesday 23rd February we travelled to Techniquest, the Science Discovery Centre in Cardiff with its 160 Science experiments to look at and try. The day was a very exciting and ‘hands on’ learning experience for the children. 

We also took the opportunity to go into the Theatre and watch ‘The Electricity Show’. We learnt about how electricity is produced and used. Lots of our children were chosen to take part in the show. George demonstrated how to light up a bulb using wave power, Emily and Alice become human wires in a circuit, Jack produced static electricity and Cairo raced Mrs Luce to roll cans using only the power of static electricity.

Fabulous Fiesta Day!

The weather outside may have been cold but the atmosphere in Barn Owl class on our Fabulous Fiesta Topic day was positively Mediterranean!  Dressed in Spanish costumes we immersed ourselves in Spanish culture.  Firstly, we made our own Spanish tiles.  Then we practised our bandaging skills, using mod roc plaster bandages to make a 6 foot replica of ‘El Drac’ (the dragon), also referred to as the Gaudi lizard situated in the Parc Güell, Barcelona. 

In the afternoon, we put on our dancing shoes and learnt the Pasa Doble.  Strictly Come Dancing watch out, we have some serious Latin movers in year 4!  Later we got out our vegetable peelers and prepared ingredients for a Spanish Tortilla and Patata Bravas (potatoes served with a spicy tomato sauce).Whilst the food cooked, the Class 4 Senors and Senoritas enjoyed traditional Spanish party games.  The day was rounded off with a fabulous Fiesta feast, where the children tasted a range of Spanish foods, including those we had prepared ourselves.

“I loved pretending to be a Matador during the Pasa Doble dancing!” (Ben)

“My favourite part was designing and painting my Spanish tile.” (Lucy I)

“It was all great, but the food was best of all.  It was fantastic!” (Alice)


Class 4 Visit the largest Hindu Temple in Europe!

Yes, it’s true, Class 4 could have been in India instead of Dudley on Tuesday as they visited the Balaji Temple, the largest Hindu Temple complex in Europe.  Visitors flock in their thousands to see this truly authentic South Indian style temple which is built from hand carved stone imported from Tamil Nadu. Our guide, helped us to understand the Hindu faith and allowed us to walk around several different shrines which were decorated with brightly coloured orange and white flowers, imported from India. The sights, sounds and smells left a lasting memory with the children. We then enjoyed a simple meal of Poppadums and special rice which was delicious, before returning to school.

Roman Villas
The children at work in our classroom
“Loving and Learning”