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Welcome back Y3 Blackbird class Autumn 2021! We have a an exciting historical topic called 'Fire, Flint and Fur'  here you will find information about what we have planed as well examples of our curriculum activities. 


We had a terrific week 2 in Y3 Blackbirds filled with various curriculum explorations of our current ‘Fire, Flint and Fur’.


In History we took some steps in understanding some of the key events of the Stone Age and the children had a go at creating a live timeline as a class activity.

We discussed the way that prehistoric people might have communicated in the past and what role Art might have played in that. The children literally left their marks on their art works!


In science we started a  ‘Hard rock challenge’ and the Y3 class took to their task with true scientific enthusiasm as they made observations, drawings and labelling of the various qualities and features of the rocks they were tasked with classifying. 


Week 2 Activities

Letter to Parents and Careers

Topic Map: Fire, flint and fur.

“Loving and Learning”