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Colour in and stick together paper ‘Keyworker’ people - then display them in a window.
There is a ‘person’ template below or you could draw your own. 
Don't forget to send us a photo on Seesaw!


We would like you to invite children and families to take part in Islands in the Sky, a new online #CreativeConnections arts project. Severn Arts and Worcestershire County Council have selected 20 Worcestershire artists to be part of #CreativeConnections which is a new initiative where each artist is receiving a small grant to create a piece of work in response to our current situation and which can be shared digitally.


Artist Andrew James Round is working on his project called Islands in the Sky. He is creating a game where you can explore a series of interconnected islands floating above the city of Worcester.  These islands will be made up of rooms created (we hope!) by children and their families from Worcestershire and the surrounding areas. Players will be rewarded as they explore.


Andrew would like the rooms/islands in the maze to be designed by other people and so has created templates for children and families to add their designs to. Information about the project along with instructions about how to create a room design and the templates are attached. It would be great if you could you please share this invitation to get involved with your school community and point out to anyone you pass the information on to that the deadline for artwork is 15 May 2020.


The plan is for the completed game to be available to play at the end of May.


Islands in the Sky competition

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