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What Science looks like at Colwall

Science Week - March 2017


In celebration of British Science Week, on Thursday the whole school took part in a morning of exciting Science activities. Each class completed two investigations before sharing their findings with the rest of the school during assembly. We finished the morning by heading outside for an amazing display led by Mr Chopping (Kye, Tabitha and Quin's dad) which included an erupting volcano and some hands-on fun with some slime!! I was extremely impressed by the children’s creativity, logical predictions and fantastic team work. Read on to find out about our investigations and to see pictures of the day.


Miss Hughes



Balloon Rockets!

After making a balloon straw rocket fire across the classroom along a length of string, Blackbird Class and Barn Owl Class investigated how they could make the rocket travel even faster! Their creative approaches included setting their rocket off from a height, shortening the string, cutting the straw in half and attaching more than one balloon from their rocket. Barn Owl Class then spent time researching the science behind their findings and shared some very interesting facts about forces during our assembly.


What’s the fastest way to get a toy out of ice?

Goldfinch Class investigated the fastest way of getting a toy animal out of an ice block. They had some very creative ideas which included rubbing the ice with their hands, using a blanket, using a hairdryer and smashing the ice up with a hammer! They were delighted to discover that the hammer won!


Skittles Fun!

Wren Class, Goldfinch Class and Kingfisher Class had lots of fun making patterns by dropping water onto skittles. They then investigated the fastest way of removing the colour from the skittles. The children had lots of inventive ideas including soaking the skittles in flour or water then sucking up the colour with a pipette, pouring warm water onto the skittles or covering them with milk!


Making Rainbows!

Wren Class made some beautiful rainbows using arched kitchen roll to soak up primary colours. They were extremely patient whilst waiting for their kitchen roll to absorb the different colours and predicted what would happen when the colours reached the top of the arches. Well done to our youngest scientists!


Liquid Layers!

Blackbird Class and Red Kite Class investigated what happened when maple syrup and oil were added to coloured water. After some great predictions about what might happen including the syrup turning green, they were intrigued to find out that each liquid settled in layers due to their different densities. They then chose different objects to drop into their layers and found that some objects sat on top of the oil, some on top of the water and others on top of the syrup! We very impressed with their observations and they provided some fantastic scientific explanations.


Liquid Lava Lamps!

Barn Owl Class made some beautiful lava lamps using their knowledge of oil and water separation.The results were mesmerising!


A special mention must go to our wonderful children in Year 6 who spent the morning helping out with the experiments going on in other year group. Their scientific knowledge was very valuable to the younger children and they were extremely patient and helpful!

Miss Hughes



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