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Meet the staff

We hope you enjoy finding out more about the staff at our school!

Thank you to Year Six for the very flattering portraits!

Mrs Webb

Started at Colwall in 2016

Role in School: Headteacher

Favourite subject:

Music – especially singing as it makes me feel happy and relaxed.

Born in Coventry

Likes: children, rainbows, radishes, reading, clocks, the seaside, swimming, the theatre and all things pink.

Fun Fact: I was once on the front cover of a magazine.

Miss Bentham

Started at Colwall in 2013

Role in School: Deputy Headteacher and Year Six teacher

Favourite subject:

All of them because I like keeping my brain active.

Born in Hereford

Likes: Challenging myself in lots of different ways, either through doing a Masters at University or attempting exceptionally difficult exercise classes.

Fun Fact: I play badminton in five local leagues and additional tournaments.

Mrs Rose

Started at Colwall in 2012

Role in School: Assistant Headteacher and Year Two teacher

Favourite subject: Reading and writing

Born in Wales

Likes: horses and show jumping, reading and writing poetry and attending literature festivals such as Hay-on Wye

Fun Fact: I represented the Women’s Equality Party at the Welsh Assembly Elections and shared the stage with Sandy Toksvig

Mrs Chippendale

Started at Colwall in 2015

Role in School: Reception class teacher

Favourite subject: Art – I love being creative.

Born in Worcestershire

Likes: Taking photographs - I love documenting life with my friends and family!

Fun Fact: I can’t touch my right shoulder with my right hand.

“Loving and Learning”