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Goldfinch - Our Learning Journey

2016 - 2017

Welcome to Year One!

Spring Term 1

Incredible India

Incredible India 1

Taj Mahal

Goldfinch class has been fascinated by the story of the building of the Taj Mahal.  As well as writing about the Taj Mahal, the children were inspired to produce fantastic artwork, including watercolour paintings, sculptures and models.

Spice and Saris Day

We have had a fantastic Indian experience today, learning Bollywood to Bhangra dance, Indian legends and all about Indian culture through the music and drama.  Can you spot Ganesh, Rama and Sita in the following pictures?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Autumn Term 2

London's Burning! London's Burning!

London's Burning! London's Burning! 1
Goldfinch Class have produced some wonderful models and artwork to help deepen their understanding of what London was like in 1666 and the sequence of events during the Fire of London.  We have really enjoyed researching key facts and finding out about important historical figures from the time.  We particularly enjoyed identifying how the Fire of London, so long ago, led to changes in planning, design and architecture which can still be seen in London today.

Apple crafts and juice making trip!

Friendship Week!

Friendship Week! 1
The children have really enjoyed celebrating Friendship Week, discussing the values associated with friendship, celebrating what friendship means to us in our families and at school.  We shared our thoughts on what a difference friendship makes in our lives and also focussed on the joy that developing friendships with people from different backgrounds, cultures and countries can bring.  Following our discussion we worked in groups, writing poems which helped us to describe what friendship feels like in Goldfinch Class!

Confidence with numbers!

Goldfinch Class - building confidence with numbers! We have had lots of fun using different maths equipment and models to both help us to recognise number patterns and support us when carrying out calculations.
Autumn Term 1

Pirates on Parade – Goldfinch Class Topic Day!


Each half term we organise our learning around a topic which the children can really get excited about.  It took a brave person to enter Goldfinch Class (Class 1) as we celebrated our topic work with ‘Pirate Day’.  The children came into school dressed in amazing costumes and ready for fun!


After hoisting the sails and walking the plank we settled down to the serious task of designing our own Jolly Roger flags and then painting the design onto a tile.  The children really worked hard to ensure they used the space on their tile effectively and the colourful results were fantastic.  Next, the children transformed a simple egg box into a magical treasure chest, ready to be filled with booty!  Later, they enjoyed following instructions, weighing out ingredients, making dough and baking some pirate hard tack biscuits!  The day was rounded off with an amazing pirate party.  We sang sea shanties and ate some amazing ‘pirate grub’, lovingly prepared by our wonderful Year 1 parents.  We voted on whether we liked our pirate hard tack biscuits and decided they are a bit like marmite, we either loved them or hated them! 

This is our fantastic pirate day!

Ship Ahoy!

Goldfinch Class really enjoyed designing junk model pirate ships.  The children thought about all the different parts of a boat and discussed what materials would be best to use.  Class 1 certainly managed to use a lot of glue and masking tape!  Afterwards, we thought about what we liked about our boats and what we could do to make sturdier models next time.

Making our junk models!

How many ways can you add?

In Goldfinch Class we have been thinking of lots of ways to add two numbers together.  We can use our fingers, count objects, draw and count objects, use a number line or even draw an 'empty number line' and count on to work out the answer.

We can think of different ways to count!

Fun with counting!

The children enjoyed taking part in a treasure hunt whilst completing their counting to ten activity!

2015 - 2016

Mask and Prop Day 2016

We had a great day to round off our Traditional Tales topic.  We wore masks and brought props from our focus books - The Three Little Pigs, Chicken Licken, The Little Red Hen, The Owl and the Pussycat and Aesop's fables.


Thank you to parents and carers for making the children look so wonderful - you are very creative!

Table Top Games Club

Children in Year 1 meet once a week  at lunchtime to play games and make puzzles. We call it 'Table Top Games Club' but we do use the floor quite a lot!

Here are a few pictures from our club this week.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12

Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas break.


The children have come back to school this week and have worked very hard. We have started our Traditional Stories topic with The Three Little Pigs and the children have been using the puppet show role play area to tell the story.


Spelling sheets and Homework books have gone home this week - please help your child with these. Do come and see me if you have any questions about them.


Please hear your child read their reading book for about 10 minutes each day and indicate that you have done this in the yellow reading record - thanks.


Just a reminder that library day is Tuesday - please return the book your child has borrowed and they can choose a new one. Also please send in P.E. kit if you haven't already.


We are looking forward to a great term!  

Here are a few photos to give a flavour of some of the activities we enjoyed in the Autumn Term.

“Loving and Learning”