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Autumn 2 Spellings

Please find these as a PDF file below: 6 weeks worth of spellings for the Autumn 2 half term.

Mr Paynter

A big welcome!

Welcome back to Red Kite Class for another fun-packed year of learning. We begin our year with 'The Fiery North' topic which looks at the volcanoes of North America and the Pacific.

Below I have uploaded the topic web for this half term.

Mr Paynter :)


Revolutionary Rulers

From the heat of North America's volcanic activity, it's a journey across the Pacific ocean and back in time to visit The Shang Dynasty and their revolutionary ways.

We will discover their use of animal bones, their journey along the Yellow River as well as the way they ruled their part of China.

Exciting times!

The Fiery North

We begin our first half term with a trip across the pond to discover North America. As well as studying its people and places, we will focus in on its many volcanoes.

As we venture further, we aim to explore these volcanoes including what makes each one unique and the process of a volcanic eruption and how it affects the landscape and communities around it. 


Active Earth 

After waving goodbye to those raiding, trading and invading Vikings as well as their Anglo-Saxon companions, we welcome in a new topic. We switch to a geographical focus for Active Earth! We will focus on extreme weather and physical geography around the world.

Be prepared for tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and much, much more!

Half Term Two - Active Earth

New Year, New Topic

Welcome to Red Kite's Class 2016/17. Below you will find our topic web and topic homework grid for the first Autumn half term. This half term we will be journeying through time to study the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings through our historical lenses!


Half Term One - Raid, Trade and Invade

“Loving and Learning”